For the last few weeks I have been contemplating this idea of dedication and how dedicated I am in different areas of my life from friends and family to students and strangers. Do I give the same amount of energy and time to someone who wants something from me compared to someone who wants to give me their time and energy? Each can be just as challenging and supportive. Then we have our cyber connections, how dedicated are you to replying to emails, responding to facebook notifications / messages and catching up on your administration? What do you do first thing in the morning, a Yoga practice or do you quickly check your emails, facebook or Tweet? Even if you do manage to roll out your mat for a practice are you completely present with each breath? Or are you wondering if anyone has 'liked' or replied to your latest status update from the day before? With technology being in the foreground of our life are you still able to maintain a healthy balance between your physical reality relationships and your cyber connections? Perhaps you have developed a knack for checking your emails on your mat with a special facebook-asana or while enjoying a few breaths in a forward bend you have your IPhone handy to send that quick reply to a student who had a transformational experience during your class? My question is how does this contribute to a balanced life while being present in mind and body? The reality of it is we are merging with the cyber world so fast we forget that the important email, facebook notification or sale query is not going anywhere, there is an abundant amount of time for attending to our needs, our work and our social life. I was assisting my teacher Shiva Rea in London a few weeks ago during a teacher training intensive and our days were long and full, with so much happening in the physical reality there was no time to tweet or post a pic on facebook and it actually felt quite liberating! And ever since this I have been trying to limit my time online and healing a wrist injury which means very little physical practice and a whole truck load of discipline to keep motivated and inspired to find other ways to feed my body and mind with the same amount of stimulation that the cyber world provides and a physical practice gives. Challenges like this never fade, there is always a new gadget, update or app to try out which could make our communication easier, smoother and more streamlined but why should we rely on technology for this ability when all it takes is awareness and dedication to the choices we make and of course a little flexibility goes a long way.



30/06/2012 18:57

WonderfullyWiseWords@Delamay.yoga/rhythms :)

30/06/2012 18:58

So that's why you dragged me out kayaking yesterday..!


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