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2012 is coming to an end and so is the sacred Mayan calendar. There are so many speculations flying around about the end of the world, people stocking up on their supplies for impending catastrophes and basically preparing for the worst. Catastrophes happen everyday, people die every day and why cant we live each day as if its going to be our last to ensure we squeeze the sweetest of juice out of every moment? If we look back into 2012 there has been many incredible events such as eclipses, alignments and special dates which were celebrated, so with this is mind i am choosing to see this 21/12/12 as an opportunity to embrace what is and expect more goodness and positivity to come my way. Keeping my energetic vibration high with my daily yoga and meditation practice, only surrounding myself with like minded beings and completely trusting that everything is PERFECT and i am provided with everything i need right here, right now. Each day we have a choice to begin again, wipe the slate clean and build the life we want. We have the power to change what we dont like, into something we are totally in LOVE with! I encourage you to not be a victim of circumstance and media hype but to be in charge of your own destiny and enjoy the journey. When there is an end, there is always a beginning which follows, like the tides in the ocean, its a continuous ebb and flow which peaks and retreats. Throughout 2012 we have had many many opportunities to set intentions on new moons, make wishes during eclipses, offer ourselves to the divine and clear our energetic body in order to be a clear channel to live a joyous filled and ecstatic life. I am not saying there wont be any challenges because of course there will be, thats how we grow, change and discover more about ourselves and what we want but ultimately what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, right? So during these unknown times of change, upheavals and uncertainty lets focus on the ultimate positive outcome for ourselves, community, city, country and planet. Lets use these sacred and special moments to our advantage instead of disadvantage and BE the ones we have been waiting for! Omshanti and see you on the other side of our new dawn....



18/12/2012 20:22

Delamay - your words here are so true! You really have put everything in perspective. Thank you, Goddess. x

19/12/2012 05:41

Your most welcome Lauren :) blessings and hope to connect with you in 2013 xxx


You never know what practicing yoga and dance can bring out of you. The peace of mind and fitness of body you attain through it is unimaginable. I love to follow your site and it is well maintained. Keep sharing the posts on yoga. I would love to know more.


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